26 May 2010

Foundation des Etats Units

In exactly 6 short weeks I will be in Paris beginning my orientation to the API program at the Institut Catholique de Paris!  I thought I would start a blog to keep my friends & family updated on what I'm doing... like what I'm learning in school, what I'm doing outside of school, that kind of stuff.  And hopefully lots of pictures too.  As long as I have wifi in my dorm and plenty of internet cafes to choose from, the hope is that I'll be updating as frequently as possible!

Today I got an email that told me all about the Foundation des Etats Units (which means Foundation of the United States - weird), which is where I'll be staying for the month that I'm in school.  This place looks really cool from what I've checked out on their website.  It's a school that houses not only its own students, but also international students, American students, grad students, artists, and the like.  The Foundation is part of a community partnered with the Cite internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP, combining (what the websites claims) 130 nationalities - sweet!  I have a single room, which will be nice because I love my personal space, but I will have a shared bathroom (not sure if it's co-ed or not, yikes!).  The community also has a theater, a library, bank, post office, sports complex with a pool, and tennis courts - all for the residents of the Foundation.  And yay - wifi all across campus!

The Foundation is located in Paris' 14th arrondissement, right next to the Montsouris park which looks so-oh-oh pretty!  It's about a fifteen minute metro ride to my school (ICP) which I'm hoping is walkable, because I really want to rent a bike while I'm there and be able to see parts of the city I wouldn't be able to on the bus.

Here's some pictures from the Foundation & CiuP websites :)

The Maison Internationale (International House) & Main Library of the Maison Internationale

Outside of a CiuP building

Parc Montsouris

Just another pretty building on campus  :)

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