25 June 2010

So I am stressing out incredibly bad right now.  I leave Bend on Saturday to spend the night in Portland due to the fact that I fly out on Sunday morning & we don't want to take any chances.  That gives me roughly... 48 more hours here to finish up what I'm doing, see my friends, enjoy my last few moments of Bend summer, pack, get my crap together and GTFO.

So Saturday my momma and I will leave, probably sometime that afternoon and head to Portland.  My flight leaves PDX at 10:30 Sunday morning and goes straight through to Amsterdam, where I have a layover for about 4 hours or so I think, and from there I fly directly to Paris!  I'll be picked up by the family of the teenage kid we hosted at our house last summer, Christophe is his name, and stay at their house the night I arrive in Paris.  The next day is my orientation day with API, so that afternoon around eleven or so they'll drive me back into the city (they live in a suburb of greater Paris) to attend that and I'm assuming that will be the last I see of them.  I'm incredibly happy that they agreed to picking me up at CDG the day I fly in because I would honestly hate to have to navigate the airport in a language I hardly speak with jet lag and all the other things that go along with that.

From there, who knows what is going on.  I've gotten a few itineraries from API for our first week in Paris, which make it look like we'll mostly be touring the "tourist-y" sights of Paris (i.e., Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc.) and getting settled into our dormitories (or homestays, studettes, etc.)  The first week of classes isn't until July 6th or something I want to say, which is great because that leaves us like a week to get acclimated to our new lives!

Thanks for staying updated on my trip, hopefully I'll be able to make one more post before I leave :)

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