31 July 2010

Paris to London to Edinburgh!

Updating from East Coast train #84614 traveling from London to Edinburgh.  What an incredibly pleasant surprise to find that there is FREE WiFi on the train.

Left Paris from Gare du Nord (Northern Train Station) this morning at 10:15.  Had a morning full of pretty sad goodbyes at the FEU, a few videos, some pictures, and we were all on our respective ways.  Leaving room 305 for the last time was a lot more depressing than I thought it would be, and to be totally honest I'm way more sad than I'd expected to be about leaving Paris in general.  Had a mini meltdown on the Eurostar from Paris to London this morning and cried for a good 20 minutes.  Luckily the smelly man sitting by me didn't seem to mind and/or was asleep.

I guess it's always hard to leave things/people, especially when you aren't sure if you'll ever see them again or ever be back in the same city again.  And even though I probably spent 98% (roughly) of my time complaining about the weather/smelly people/rude Parisiens, I had the best summer ever in Paris.  I now have to stop being sentimental or I will probably cry again.  Actually, no, I just will.

Promise to update later with last week's Paris pictures & stories.


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