22 August 2010

Wow, so I've been home for 10 days and what have I done?

- Felt depressed about being home
- Realized I had to stop feeling depressed about being home or my life would suck
- Saw all my frendz
- Ate Thai food
- Ate lots of other food
- Decided that I like the way the French drink coffee, therefore I am now on a strict espresso shot diet as opposed to lavender lattes and whatnot (although I'm sure those will still make guest appearances somewhere in the mix of life)
- Missed Paris, Paris frandz, U.K., and U.K. frandz
-  Drank gin & tonics with my girlz
- Went to a hip hop show, fo free
- Texted/facebooked Abby til my thumbs fell off (not literally - OMG)
- Facebooked a lot in general
 - Got fired from my shit job

I just read a few of my blog entries on here and am fully depressed again.  Going to eat/watch my feelings now with a sleeve of crackers & The Jersey Shore.

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