28 October 2012

Chuseok Video

So as you know, my friend Matt & I decided to take our 4-day holiday (the Korean "Thanksgiving" called Chuseok) and go to Taipei, Taiwan.  We took a lot of stupid videos and mashed them all up together and stuck them on the internet.  Here is the finished product, for your viewing pleasure.  The imbed is youtube, if you want to watch on Vimeo the link is below.  Forewarning: we are really obnoxious people.


  1. Dear Stranger,

    I have an interview for a school in Suji-gu, and I searched "living in Suji" to find out what it was about. I happened upon your blog. Thank you for simultaneously making me feel like I could live in this scary foreign place and for making me laugh on many occasions.


    p.s. Sorry if my creepin' is weird.

    1. Your creepin doesn't weird me out in the slightest - in fact I just creeped back and saw that you went to UO. I'm an OSU grad! Crazy small world.

      Anyway, what school did you interview for? ESL? If you want to know anything about Suji or Korea or whatever else, feel free to shoot me an email! sydneylevan@gmail.com