16 October 2012

Seoraksan Weekend!

I'm too sick & tired to write a blog, so I video blogged instead.  This is a LOT easier than typing, and probably a lot more concise too (I tend to type out details that NOBODY cares about a lot, oops).  So, here ya go!  PS I look really pretty because I just got done with work and am sick, so leave me alone!

Seoraksan Pictures!

This is Sara, the Canadian girl I went through training with!  I don't know how we both look so beautiful... it was probably around 7 or 8am and we had been hiking straight uphill (no joke) for 3 of the last 5 hours of this hike.  This was part of the first descent trail.

I think this was right before we split for Dinosaur Ridge.  Sara and Dan took the Valley Trail while myself, Martin, and our new teacher Andrew took Dinosaur Ridge.  We are obviously the dumb ones.

All the colors here were beautiful.  I love autumn.

Gongnyongneungseon Ridge (or for you Korean-challenged folk... aka me because I google'd that, Dinosaur Ridge).

This is my one of my coworkers (there were 5 of us that went) Martin, he likes to go hiking dressed up as a sumo wrestler and take pictures instead of walk.

This is Dan.  He pretends to work with us but really he just hangs out and says hi to children that he doesn't know.  He also thinks he's a part time model and he MADE me take this picture of him to put in his portfolio.

This is a map of Seoraksan.  You can't see much, but you CAN tell how expansive this place is.  Seriously massive.

Yangyang, the place we stayed overnight.

We went to a temple Sunday morning before we left for Seoul.  It was right outside of Yangyang (the place we slept) and a town called Sokcho, both of which are right on the beach.  The temple was called Naksansa.

This is the view from the top of Naksansa Temple.


  1. Holy cow, had no idea they got Fall colors in Korea! I guess I assumed that since we don't get it in California, that nobody does either. Gorgeous!

    1. Wow, Sydders, that was fun! (welllll, after you got over the awkward thing at the beginning LOLLLL)hahahahahahaaaaaa! It was good to see you and hear your voice, and just so you know I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO ENJOYS YOUR DETAILS WHEN YOU WRITE (and I even tend to read them in your voice!) Sorry you're sick. LOVE your bratty kids, and I'm thrilled for you that you're actually eating FOOD and doing your dishes!! GAH! love you

  2. I love watching you talk, too. Although I'm with Sabby, I DO READ all your details, and I hear them in your voice, too!

    LOVE YOU and miss you. Hope you sleep like the dead for like two nights straight.

  3. The best part about that whole hike nightmare......? was that you NEVER WENT TO BED after working on Friday night; you drove 3 hours got out and Started Hiking for FIFTEEN straight hours with like one banana and a small bottle of water !! Ding dong! I love that you have real food in your fridge and trust me, it WILL be cheaper to cook at home than buy all your meals. Good job! Stay with it, growing up is fun but hard! Love you, mama.