06 December 2012

Winter has OFFICIALLY arrived.

We had our first real snow of the winter here this week, Wednesday December 5th I woke up to a total white blanket outside!  An unexpected blanket for two reasons: the first being the fact that I don't check the weather here because I just don't care, and the second being the fact that I have no windows so I never know what is going on outside until the moment I step out my door to go to work in the afternoon.  Suffice it to say I was surprised by a pretty legitimate coating of snow when I left around 2pm.  By the time I got to work, I found out that classes had been cancelled, and after playing a pretty genius prank on one of our other coworkers, we all got together and decided to get lunch and drinks and do whatever the heck we wanted to on our surprise day off.  Of course we have to make the classes up this weekend, but I don't think any of us really seem to mind.  Except for the fact that they start at 10am and most of us don't get to sleep until sometime around 4... bleh.

So I spent the rest of our Wednesday day off with a group of my coworkers in one of our coworker's more spacious apartments (honestly she must just understand feng shui, we fit 8 of us in there comfortably... our apartments are actually the size of shoe boxes for ants).  We played cards, I lost about a dollar in poker (don't worry mom we didn't bet anything above $2.00), we drank a lot of Bailey's with coffee and other things that you're supposed to do when it's cold out.  Went on a pizza run, hung out and talked for a while, then we were all exhausted from our big day of nothingness and headed to our respective apartments around 11pm.  I could do with more of these days off...

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  1. It's so pwitty! That's one of the negatives of living in a place that rarely gets any weather--no surprise days off! That and no skiing, no fun winter clothing, no sledding...... But then no freezing either ;) Glad you guys had some fun!