07 January 2013

Birthdays In Korea!

So today is my good friend Charlie's 23rd birthday.  She's my coworker, my next door neighbor, and has quickly become one of my best friends in Korea.  She's an awesome English gal that is probably the most kind and caring person I've met here, honestly I don't know how she's friends with all of us sometimes, we're such rude and terrible people.  Anyway, we share three different classes (Albatross, Birdie, and Bridge) and I decided that since it was her birthday I'd get a clip of each of our classes telling her happy birthday.  I wanted to share it with you guys too, so here it is!  These are some of my kids!

The first class (Albatross) is the highest level that I teach, and they're pretty darn smart.  They're probably less than a year away from fluency, either that or they're just really good bullshitters.  But honestly probably one of my favorite groups of kids.  The four boys bending down in front are total dolls, (L-R: Guy, Kevin, Sammy and Jake) even when I want to strangle them for being annoying or sleeping during class, they're just too darn cute and funny to be mad at for long.  The Alba girls are pretty great too, a few of them are so sharp I can actually go back-and-forth jab for jab with them and they usually win.  I adore those kids.  The second group are our Bridge kids and they're the lowest level I teach.  They speak English at a decent conversational level, but sometimes it's hard for them to formulate sentences or articulate their thoughts.  They are darn annoying (as most 8/9 year olds are) but they're super fun to teach for the most part.  They're so high energy and always want to interact with me.  If I don't leave the classroom during break time the girls all swarm my desk and ask me to show them my facebook pictures.  The last group (Birdie) was from a Saturday makeup class session so there's only about a third of the kids we normally have in the shot.  I have NO idea why they're all being so quiet and boring because these kids never shut up.  I mostly want to kill a handful of the boys in that class, but there's a few shining stars (hint: they're the two miniature China dolls standing in front, Lucille and Rachel).

Just a quick video of my kids so you guys can see the nugs I work with every day!  Hopefully more to come.

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