22 January 2013

Stepping Foot in Naughty Korea

This past weekend I took a day trip to the DMZ with two of my coworkers, Sara and Andrew.  Fun fact, they're both French-Canadian.  Sara and I came to Korea at the same time and had training week together and have been working together in Suji for the past five months.  Unfortunately, she's leaving Korea in just a few short weeks to go travel and see some of SE Asia, which is awesome for her but she'll definitely be missed around here.  Andrew came mid-way through Sara and my first term here to take over some classes that our then-Head-Instructor-now-Faculty-Manager was letting go of (long story).  Anyway, we dragged our butts out of bed early on Saturday to be IN Seoul at the USO by 9am.  From the USO we got on a tour bus with a bunch of other people and headed North...


  1. SYD, that was fascinating. You are helping us learn so much about the world where you are. I had no idea we still had trojups there. LOVE, love love you, metz

  2. COOL Syd! I heard there are more troops at this border than any border in the WORLD.
    Be safe in NK, do your homework before you rush over there.

  3. Sounds like you really are being able to enjoy your adventures! N. Korea can be an interesting place, but do be aware of things before you go.