14 June 2013

Adventures in Korea Skin Care (Korean Beauty Product Review #2)

Now y'all KNOW I am not the person to come to about beauty, I barely know how to use a blow dryer and I curled my eyelashes once and thought I'd hot glued them together (long story, cool ending though, I didn't)... but Korea has made me love trying out new beauty products.  The packaging, the salespeople, the stupid names, the Konglish advertisements.  Come on, what's not to love?  Korea not only is super on top of their beauty game, they're also really into this whole 'skin care regimen' thing.  I'd be surprised if it takes a Korean woman less than half an hour to prep her skin for bed each night.  Seriously, they're nutso about this stuff.  On my latest trip to Innisfree I got this awesome little service packet (service = free gift with purchase) and thought I'd share the awesome free stuff I've been trying this week here!

Stop telling me how pretty I am - I KNOW!
So for starters, I only spent the equivalent of $20.00 and got at least $5.00 in free stuff added to my bag, which is one point for Korea and zero points for America because MAC never gives me free stuff when I buy overpriced lip balm from them.  Second, the instructions for how to use these service items are (of course) all in Korean, so I basically just wing it and hope I'm using them right.  So far so good, no weird rashes or blindness or anything.  So okay, on to the goods.

1. Super volcanic pore clay mask
This was the cause of the ever entertaining 'stupid white girl with a face mask on' photo above.  This stuff is gross.  It's gray and feels like clay and it sticks to your face after you wash it off.  Although that could have been because I forgot it was on and I cooked dinner, cleaned, AND packed for Japan while it was still all over my face.  Might have overdone it a bit.

2. Naturally fermented soybean energy essence
Let's be real, I have no clue what the purpose of this is OR if there even is a real purpose.  When something is called "essence" it's immediately regarded as unnecessary in my book.  Unless it's Herbal, then it's a-ok with me.  This will probably reach it's expiration date in the cabinet above my toilet.
3. Green barley gommage peeling
Is gommage a real word or did they just make it up?  I'm too lazy to google, please somebody shed light on this for me.  Apparently this is a peeling mask which makes me nervous, always assume these take off a layer of very necessary skin which I don't feel like experimenting with tonight.  I'll give this to some female student as a prize probably.  "OH teacha gommage peelee! I love it!"
4. Apple juicy emulsion lip & eye remover
The name of this reminds me of some jeans brand for thick ladies.  Hopefully "lip & eye remover" was just an oversight on the part of the packaging.  If it really removes lips and eyes I'm nervous.

5. Green barley multi cleansing tissue
Always handy.  Will make kids use these after they use the bathroom at school.  They never wash their hands here (adults either, it's sick).  Korea is whack.

6. It's real green tea mask
If it was real green tea it would be liquid, not a mask form, game set and match.  I don't plan on drinking this though, so we'll give it a go in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed my completely pointless "review" of products I didn't and probably never will use.  My grandma asked me to blog again and this was the best I could do.


  1. bahahaha Love your silly face. Have an AWESOME TIME WITH THE FAMILY!
    PS Sephora gives out samples if you buy anything from them, which I DONT because David keeps me in supply of pretty much anything I could ever need from there.

  2. love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^
    oh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !

  3. Gommage is the french word for peeling