28 August 2013

무의도 주말!

I need to apologize before I start this entry - I have been absolutely terrible at keeping up with this blog recently.  Here come the excuses: life here is not a perma-vacation and thus I do not do many thrilling and exciting things that warrant updates, and I've been crazy busy this summer with intensive classes (read: 5 extra morning classes each week on top of my regular schedule).  Regardless, I have done some pretty fun things this summer that I want to brag about now.

So there is this island right off of the western coast of Korea near Incheon airport called Muuido that is super popular during the summer.  It's relatively easy to get to from Seoul, cheap, and that's about all it has to offer.  Plus lots of weird little beach huts to sleep in, a tide that moves out literally a mile away from high tide (it's quite a hike to swim), random horse rides (?), and strange beach-side Korean BBQ and seafood restaurants that serve questionable meats.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Muuido is a super fun place, so we rallied a big group of friends from all over Korea and spent a weekend there last month.  It's interesting to think about how you know so many different people from so many different places here, and how you all become fast friends just because of circumstance or mutual friendships.  Every time we all do something I end up meeting new friends, getting to see old friends, and just having an awesome time in general with whoever I'm with.  I'm not in a writing mood, so here come the photos.

 See - I told you there was a massive group of us!

 The Suji chicks plus Daniel. Always so photogenic.

 Chance trying to protect his ginger skin from the sun. He actually did a great job. Others of us were not so lucky.

 Our hut! These things were so funny and tiny, two little windows and a sliding door with a padlock. A few blankets, wooden floor, and an outlet. That's all you get. Oh and you can't stand up in them unless you're a certified midget. We paid around $30.00 to stay in these for the night, which comes out to $10.00 a person which isn't bad at all!

 Two people I am beyond blessed with in Korea, met them through Matt and couldn't be more in love with them. Esha in the middle (she's a teacher in Seoul) and Chris (he works for the US Army - obviously, look at that body).

 Koreans don't love the sun.  Tents and umbrellas abound.

 Two of my most beautiful lady friends in Korea, Charlie (English girl I work with) and MaLeah (fellow Oregonian that works right down the street from us).

Football on the beach! Our team won (not).

We spent most of the day Saturday out on the beach, then the boys set up a big bonfire for night and we went to grab food.  We left the beach for about two hours maximum, and when we returned we found that somebody had taken all of our firewood and ruined our bonfire plans.  Needless to say people were not happy.  We found out that it was a semi-honest mistake by another group of foreign teachers, so some of us decided to suck it up and hang out with them around their (our) fire, and others decided... well.. not to.  Sunday morning was a bit painful and early.  We had to grab the bus to the ferry to another bus to the airport to another express bus to Suji to get home, which is just as awful as it sounds.  But totally worth it.  Looking forward to another Muuido trip before summer is on its way out!

& here's my favorite K-Pop song of the moment for good measure.  Beyond obsessed with this girls group (this isn't sarcasm for those of you who can't decipher over the internet).


  1. Those little huts are too funny! They're like little potting sheds haha. Looks like fun!

    1. They are like potting sheds. Feels like it on the inside too.

  2. Korean Spice Girls. Haha. Hey Labor Day is Monday and summer is officially over so you better get back to MUUIDO soon! Thx for the update.

    1. Hey girl HeyYyYyyYYY! I'm going to Busan this weekend, way better. Woop!