28 June 2010

Amsterdam-Schipol Airport

I landed, I'm alive, hallelujah!  I board for CDG in a little less than two hours which means I
l'll be in Paris so very shortly!  I'm already incredibly jet lagged but they have like twice as many Starbucks as Bend does (which is really saying something) in this airport alone, so I think I'll be okay.  The flight over was bueno, I got a window seat and sat by this dude who spoke English & Spanish, he's traveling to Germany for work.  He builds and installs wood floors for cruise ships (random).  He was pretty cool I guess, we both watched Book of Eli (I didn't finish it, WTF Denzel?) on the way over.  I slept... a lot.

So it's almost 10:00am here and I totally forgot about the time change for a minute & skype called my dad just now.  Oops.  I think it's like 1:00am at home.  I'm tired, and I think probably dehydrated.  They gave us these nasty cheese and egg substitute sandwiches on the plane before we landed.  I almost threw mine up.  I'm going to get more coffee before I board.

Also, I love spending Euros.  They look like monopoly money but they really mean business!  Oh and Starbucks is expensive here.  It's freakin 4 Euros for a tall latte.  I hate you Europe.  Just kidding.  But really.

PS this is how good I look after a 10 hour flight! Hahah yikes

PPS this is a shot of part of the airport.  Cool.  I'm going to go now because my stupid time is up.  Stupid expensive timed WiFi.  Amurrica would never charge people for their WiFi, much less time it!

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