29 June 2010

Arrive en Paris!

I am here, hooray!  The time difference is 9 hours (I am ahead), so it is 9:00 am on Tuesday morning here right now.  Surprisingly I don't feel jet lagged at all!  I flew into CDG at 1400ish (bare with me, I'm converting everything to 24-hour time because that's what's used over here and it's easier, although it does sort of make me feel like I'm in the military) and was picked up outside the terminal by Christophe and his mom, Dominique.  They drove me into Paris and even parked illegally twice so I could get out and see the Eiffel Tower & the Notre Dame.  This place is so beautiful!  Granted I have yet to see much of Paris, what I have seen I absolutely love!  After that I was feeling more exhausted than I've ever felt in my entire life, so they drove back to their house which was only about 15 minutes away, in Meudon.  Their house is a-maz-ing.  I hope I can get some pictures today before I leave.  We got here around 1630 and I fell face down on the bed they gave me and didn't get up until Christophe came in and woke me up with a, "It's around 9:00 pm your time, we are eating now."  Hahaha -  needless to say, I got up.  He cooked dinner, which was great, and we all ate outside and went back to bed shortly thereafter.  And, well, here I am now!

We're headed out to get croissants at a bakery (Boulangerie? Patisserie? I forget) as soon a Christophe gets up.  Then it's off to the hotel around 1400 to meet up with my API group!  This all feels so strange but then again, not really strange at all.  I think I'm going to love it here, maybe I won't come back.  Or maybe I will, it's incredibly muggy and hot...

My google is all in French which makes it increasingly difficult to look anything up.

Christophe and I Skyped last night with Jack & my dad.  Typical screen shot..

&&& good morning from Paris!


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  1. ...don't the bugs come in the windows? I remember the reason they keep geranium boxes at all their windows is to keep the flies out because flies don;t like geraniums. Well....does it work?-mom