13 July 2011

July 12th: I've been here for a little over two weeks now (holy shit, is that all?) and just got my first job offer yesterday - yay!  I guess in order to land a part-time job making coffee here, you have to apply to 50-something jobs and interview for roughly 6.  But, whatever, no complaints.  I start Tuesday at this place called Cafe Crush on Piedmont avenue, a five minute walk from David's.  So that'll be nice, to save Bus & Bart fare, and be able to work early shifts without having to plan commute time (ew).

these photos are not mine

I also interviewed at Peet's, which is literally a block away from this place, for another part-time today.  I should hear back about that one tomorrow, and it seems semi promising too.  Unlike that fuuuucking bakery in the city that basically offered me the job then dropped the ball.  I guess I'm better off not working for people that can't even get it together for long enough to hire someone, anyway.

Outside of job searching I haven't been doing much.  Spent a while on Piedmont ave the other day, bought some books & checked out a few cute stores on the avenue.  It's a nice area, kinda snobby but I like it.

the sign outside david & ron's house - hilarious

awesome little bookstore on piedmont ave

really cool street art on macarthur blvd on my walk to bart

Spent a few days exploring SF last week.  Got hellaciously lost by myself one day, ended up walking from Fisherman's Wharf to the toll booth on the Golden Gate Bridge, roughly 5 miles of walking uphill, downhill, in a few circles, and through road construction.  Finally found a Muni stop and just about had a coronary I was so excited.  Got some cool pictures from beneath the bridge & the toll booth.  To be honest, I was too tired/pissed off at myself for getting lost to take many pictures that day, but I saw some really cool stuff.  I should've checked my attitude at the door that day... ha.

 epic. the writing says: 6 bros, 4000 miles, 9 days. the hearn: ny -> vegas -> seattle

 pretty view of the city! finding the silver-lining of my lost cloud.

When I finally (three hours later) found my way to Bart, I came home to a "pre-congratulatory job" sushi dinner with David & Ron - seriously, the best sushi I've ever had.  My uncles are the raddest people alive, no contest.  We went to this place right near their house and I about threw up we ate so much sushi & sake.  I was up til like 2am because I'm pretty sure my body was disciplining me for force feeding it to the point of twin-food-pregnancy-baby.


I can't even look at those pictures.  I'm hungry now.

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