01 July 2011

So I quit my job canvassing for the ACLU yesterday.  Feeling pretty good about it, because I've set up two interviews, had a call back on the first one, and skipped out on two more that I was offered.  So things are looking like they will work out somehow in the job/finances market for the summer.  Praise be to Allah.

these photos are not mine

So the place I interviewed today, "La Boulange," is this super cute French bakery/cafe chain in the Bay Area that has like, 5ish locations in the city with a few in the North & East Bay.  My interview was more like a sit down & chat session with the manager, who was super cool and within five minutes asked me if I was interested in a second interview.  Yay!  I'm always such a nervous interviewee, I never know how to answer their awkward questions, or how to address them... so I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went.  Plus the bakery is just a few blocks from the super-touristy-yet-still-phenomenal stretch of windy road that is Lombard Street, which I plan on checking out like a totally nerd tomorrow.

Did a bit of exploring on my own after the interview, took a streetcar down to Market street and shopped and did other weird tourist things.  It's strange to think I live here.  I got to see my uncle's fantastic office at Bare Escentuals, which is right between 1st/2nd Market/Mission and has really excellent views of the city and the bay.  One of his precious coworkers introduced me to the makeup closet, where I picked up some waterproof mascara for Britt's wedding - necessary - plus a few other fun things just because, y'know, why not?

Soli & Gaby - they are soo stinkin precious

Second interview at La Boulange is tomorrow morning, I'm going to try a different mode of getting into the city - NOT the Rapid Transit (which is not freaking 'rapid' by any means whatsoever) - so we'll see how that goes!  Crossing my fingers... in the meantime, I really should get some sleep.  Der.

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