06 November 2012

Finally Found a New Gym

So if there's something you must know about me, it's that I'm snobby in really weird ways.  For example, I could drive around in the oldest most beat up car (most of you people know I drove a minivan for a few months before I moved to Korea) and not really care at all about it, but if there's one thing I can't tolerate it's a dirty disgusting gym.  I won't want to go to it and it'll bum me out and make me feel lazy and fat.  So, having said that, I joined the first gym I saw when I came to Korea... and guess what?  It was exactly that.  They never clean the equipment (there's like sweat stains on machines, it's gross), half of the treadmills shake when you run on them (equal parts annoying and embarrassing), they offer like only two different types of group exercise classes, and the locker room is scary and filthy.  HOWEVER - it was less than $30.00 US a month.  So I joined and paid three months up front like a total idiot.  Then maybe three weeks ago I decided to go check this gym out that is right next to the building Chungdahm is in.  It looked really nice and super clean, and I figured it would be more expensive, but why not?  I met a girl named Sunny that works there and speaks English, and she set me up for a plan that costs 500,000 won for 8 months (that works out to about $57.00 US a month.  Not terrible.  So I decided to make a video and show you all my new gym - complete with awkward commentary and a lot of my sweaty post-gym face.  Ennnnnjoy.

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