19 November 2012

Eli's Visit, Eating Dogs, Petting Dogs, Petty Theft & More!

Weekend 1:
Honestly, IDK how I forgot about what we did these weekends... short term memory, or whatever.  Anyway, the day Eli got here (Saturday the 10th) we took him to eat DOG.  Yes, we ate dog.  I literally tried one bite and spit it out, it seriously was so foul.  The four boys I went with seemed to like it though... then again boys are disgusting and can't even read or tie their own shoes, so what do they know?  Anyway, this is the only picture I have from the dog eating excursion (a la Eli's phone, since mine was later CONFISCATED that night).  This is my coworker Marty eating what looks like pre-digested animal matter.  Sick.

After we ate dog we went to a dog cafe, which is really gross and bizarre and makes us bad people but whatever.  PS MY PURSE IS IN THIS PICTURE - R.I.P. purse... and all of your contents.  Moving right along - I liked the dog cafe much more than the dog restaurant.  You just go in, buy a drink or whatever, sit down, and play with whatever dogs you want.  Some are so needy and others are so finicky, I just wanted to play with Mare Dogg.  But this weird looking poodle thing will do in the meantime.

Totally spaced that we took Eli to our most favorite Indian restaurant on Monday night after I got off work.  It's in Suwon (about 15 minutes from Suji), and after Indian we went to this insane place called "Disco Bang Bang" (so my kids taught me after the fact).  It's this super popular ride that is in a bunch of different places in Korea, people pay a few bucks to get on, you sit down and hold on for dear life.  It literally lasts ages.  The thing spins, it bucks, the lights turn out, there's black light, super loud K-Pop, and some announcer laughing when girls fall down.  The floor is padded in the middle so if you fall it doesn't hurt too bad... but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Weekend 2:
Okay I can remember most of this because it only happened a few days ago.  Really I do not know how my memory is so bad... perhaps I am aging rapidly into senility.  Who knows.  These pictures are from the first place we went to after dinner, Seoul Pub.  Really loud, really crazy, lots of really drunk people.  Obviously we belonged.  There were probably ten or twelve of us there, and we sat at this huge booth and spent a lot of money.  The picture below is my coworker Charlie (left) our friend Alex who works at a different CDI branch (middle) and our friend Suzanne who works at a different school in Suji (right).

Gahddd we are presh.  Matt, Sara & myself.  Matt ruining pictures, as per usual.  But look at that jawline.

Couples photo.

And THIS MAN ladies & gentlemen is named "Damon."  He was sitting by our table all night, and bought three pitchers of beer for us at one point.  No idea why, but we didn't question him and just said thank you and cheers'ed him a bunch of times.  Finally someone invited him to sit with us and that is when it got weird...
 Told you it got weird.  He ordered 3 more pitchers after this, too.  And spilled a good deal of them on people's jackets.  Whatever, he was nuts.

Aaaand the last remaining photo of the night - my coworker Marty & I met Simon & Martina (www.eatyourkimchi.com) in some rando stairwell and they told us to act like animals for our picture.  Whatever, I do as I'm told.  I think we look fierce.

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